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May 15, 2017 2 min read

Most veterinarians label a dog who has reached an age of 7 or higher a “senior” dog. Sometimes this number can be higher if the breed is smaller, as they live longer, but this is the general range. Shelters are filled with senior dogs for various reasons including;
  • Aging owners
  • Owners moving
  • Owners no longer seeing value in the dog

This is just a short list. Point being, there are tons of friendly older guys and girls just waiting for a new buddy to live out the rest of their life with. Below are reasons adopting a senior dog may be a perfect fit for you.


1) Highly obedient

A lot of us have been through the struggle of training a new puppy. There’s great joy in the process, but some people end up not getting a dog because they know they just don’t have time for the commitment needed. Senior dogs tend to be extremely easy to work with. They are usually potty trained and have a life full of experiences under their belt. They know how to act and will be very excited to please their new owner.


2) Calmer

Another great trait most senior dogs possess is a calm nature. Sure, they are playful at the right time, but for the most part you won’t have to worry about your old bud pulling you on walks or causing a ruckus in public places. Senior dogs have usually done and seen it all so no experience is going to get them overly wound up. Even better, this calm attitude will allow them to assimilate into your day to day life any way you need them to. Have a busy day? No worries, they will be content just relaxing around the house until you get home.


3) You get the most loyal friend you can find

Friends can come and go, but win the heart of a senior dog in need of a new home and you’ve just gained a friend that is happy to stand by your side throughout the remainder of his or her time here. Senior dogs have lived a long life and know the best life for them is one where they have a reliable provider. Prove that you are that provider and they will look to you over anyone else.


4) You get to make them happy

The definition of a happy dog is a senior dog who once had a home, lost it and then gains a new loving companion, maybe really for the first time. When you adopt a senior dog you are gaining a dog who will be content no matter what you’re doing together, they will just be happy to be with you.

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